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Sugar and starch market: PCM pumps & equipment

Only 15% of sugar production is intended for direct consumption. In fact, more than ¾ of world sugar production is used as an ingredient in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Sugar is everywhere, it is an essential ingredient in the manufacturing of multiple recipes. It is obviously found in the confectionery market but also in dairy products, baking, wine industry for fermentation...

PCM offers solutions throughout the sugar production process, from the transfer of molasses or pulps to the clarification, concentration or crystallization process.

PCM also offers liquid sugar transfer and metering systems in the other food industries.


  • Sugar and starch

Market challenges

  • Extremely competitive market
  • Improve productivity
  • Lower Life Cycle Costs
  • Increase reliability

Why choose PCM ?

  • PCM offers versatile, simple and robust technical solutions
  • Optimize production through easy, low-cost maintenance, reduced losses and less production down-time
  • PCM technologies guarantee quality, high technical performances and dosing accuracy

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