PCM Food

PCM Dosys™ food piston pump

The PCM Dosys™ pump is made of the association of a patented rotary valve and a piston driven by a brushless electrical linear actuator. 

The pump is synchronized by the filling and conditioning machine, giving a very accurate on-demand dosing of non-homogeneous ingredients that may contain solid pieces. Closest to the containers, the PCM Dosys™ food piston pump ensures minimum losses and a maximum of repeatability.

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  • Picture of the PCM Dosys™ piston dosing pump for the food industry


The PCM Dosys™ Pump is the only pump capable of dosing fluids with solid particles with extreme accuracy at high flow rates.

  • Respect of solid ingredients  (up to 48mm)
  • High level of precision/repetability : +/- 0.5 %
  • Low ingredient losses
  • Self-priming
  • High versatility & flexibility
  • No emulsion, aeration, shearing
  • Compliant with FDA / 3A
  • Cleaning – Sterilization in Place
  • Reliable equipment
  • Worldwide References


  • From 0.05 cc to 2,654 cc per dose
  • Up to 80 doses/min for 1 cc doses
  • Up to 20 doses/min for 1000 cc doses
  • 20 bar maximum pressure for 0.05 to 180 cc per dose
  • 4 bar maximum pressure for doses greater than 636 cc

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