Industrial pump manufacturer

Our vision

To be faithful to our pioneering spirit and to be a reliable partner to our customers, providing innovative and cost effective fluid handling solutions and services.

For more than 90 years, PCM has been offering high quality, cost effective fluid handling solutions based on low life-cycle costs to our customers in oil & gas, food, and industry. Building on our experience, we want innovation to remain in our DNA and be faithful to our pioneering spirit. We want to contribute to the development of your activities in several ways, through technology innovation, through imagination, vitality and service.

We partner with our customers, to precisely understand their demands and expectations and by closely accompany them, staying at their side wherever they are. PCM provides innovative technical solutions and associated services focused on performance management to help our customers optimize their production and develop efficiently their resources. Our expertise is the basis of our performance and being part of PCM means to be daily involved in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our highly qualified and committed employees are the foundation for achieving this.

In those difficult economic times, cost effective solutions are more than ever in high demand. Clever innovative solutions will make the difference. Customers all around the world trust us and count on our knowhow and our reliability to make them more competitive.

Everyone contributes every day to serve our customers worldwide.

PCM Group values


Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers the best range of technical solutions and services to handle their complex fluids thanks to our unique expertise in positive displacement pumps technologies and systems for lifting, transferring, dosing, mixing and filling within the Oil & Gas, Food and Industry markets.

Achieving this mission relies on 5 pillars:

  • Our long term stability
  • Our constant innovation
  • Our international business knowledge
  • Continuous improvement and QHSE focus
  • Our people and PCM’s code of conducts 

Oil & Gas, Food and Industry are the long-term growth fields of PCM.As a member of Gévelot Group from its creation, the Group continues its development as a leader, providing innovative products and services that meet markets requirements.

To meet demand around the globe while adapting to specific considerations in the different regions in which it operates, PCM has established a localized organization designed to promote commercial and industrial proximity to customers and enhance operational efficiency.PCM, whose headquarters are based in Levallois-Perret (France) operates on all continents in more than 90 countries through 6 industrial manufacturing sites, and more than 25 subsidiaries.

Today, PCM is the result of both a significant internal growth due to innovation, and of acquisitions. The international development of the Group is constantly increasing. At the end of 2014, PCM purchased a 75% participating interest in Amik Oilfield Equipment & Rentals company located in Alberta, Canada.

PCM requires the active commitment to QHSE from all employees and contractors in order to attain excellence in our service to customers. Quality, safety, efficiency, productivity are the key words of PCM strategy.

The future of the Group depends on talented, dynamic and skilled collaborators who share all the values of the Group.


Our values, conduct and behavior

The PCM core values of respect, commitment and excellence reflect our identity, our convictions and our promises. They guide all of our activities and have helped us, since 1932, to remain a competitive and reliable partner in an ever changing world.

Respect for our people, suppliers and customers, behaving in an ethical manner, a culture of diversity and a respectful environmental approach.

Commitment in such a way that we focus on our customers at all times, thus supporting them by providing innovative solutions with an eco-design policy aimed at minimizing environmental impacts of activities and a constant concern for employees’ safety.

Excellence in everything we seek to do, to maintain the trust and confidence of our customers, shareholders and employees.

The way we work is designed to promote a Group culture of integrity that encourages responsible conduct among all employees. Our ethics policy is detailed in the PCM Code of Conduct. The code requires employees to behave fairly and honestly in accordance with laws and regulations. The principles apply worldwide within the PCM group companies not just on the human level, but also on the financial, legal, social and environmental level. It concerns the Group itself (the staff, shareholders and entities of PCM), the marketplace (customers, suppliers, competitors) and the countries in which the group operates. 


Our history


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PCM Group, a subsidiary of Gevelot Group

Logo of Gevelot companyFirmly rooted in its prestigious past, Gévelot stands out as an industrial group on an international scale. In each of its lines of business, its expertise and innovative capacity are acknowledged throughout the world.

The Gévelot group dates back to 1820, at a time when the company produced caps, hunting cartridges and war munitions. After the second world war, this activity wich established GEVELOT's reputation made way for diversification into the field of mechanics.

Today, since the sale of the extrusion sector end November 2017, the Gévelot Group has approximatevely 650 employees and 6 production sites at the service of the "Pumps and fluid technology" sector.

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