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PCM EasyFeed hopper progressing cavity pumps

The growing demand for more concentrated and sophisticated products often implies an increase in the viscosity of the products being transferred. If your product is viscous, pasty, sticky, greasy, thick, or concentrated, PCM provides an appropriate solution for each type of rheology through its range of force feeding progressing cavity pumps – PCM EasyFeed.

The PCM EasyFeed progressing cavity pump (food grade version) with Moineau™ technology is ideal for transferring highly viscous, heterogeneous with or without particles, pasty or even sticky fluids. This pump is specially adapted to the meat and the fruit & vegetable markets. It has been designed in compliance with food recommendations and requirements to avoid any retention areas and to facilitate cleaning. 

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  • Picture of the PCM EASYFEED feeding progressing cavity pump



  • Transfer of various products: heterogeneous or not, fluid or highly viscous, with or without particles, pasty, sticky, fatty...
  • For viscosities up to 80 000cp and dryness levels of 30%
  • Small pump footprint and and easy to integrate


  • Design avoiding any retention areas
  • Parts in contact with the product are food grade certified (seals, elastomers, sheaths...)
  • 316L stainless steel parts: external shotpeening,internal polishing for a roughness in line with food requirements


  • Pump disassembly with clamp collars for immediate access to wear parts and easy clean out of place
  • EcoMoineau™ patented rotor coupling system with 3 screws


  • Pressure: 10 bars [145psi]
  • Flowrate: 30 m3/h [132 usgpm]
  • Hopper internal dimensions: 260 x 150 mm, 350 x 240 mm, 520 x 350 mm
  • Particle size: max. 32 mm

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