PCM Food

All-container filling system – PCM Dosyfill

The PCM Dosyfill filling system is ideal for handling viscous or fragile products with or without markers.

This tailor-made system allows us to adapt to the diversity of existing containers, products or production lines.

The Dosyfill PCM system benefits from the precision and reliability of Dosys™ pumps combined with a high level of automation and cleanability. The Moineau™ technology can also be adapted on this system to best meet customer needs.


  • DACC dosing pump
  • Electro trust cylinder
  • Control cabinet- displaying injection point temperature
  • Empty tank detection device

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  • PCM pouch filling station



  • Can be adapted to various containers, products or existing production lines
  • Two available dosing technologies, PCM Moineau™ or PCM Dosys™, to meet the requirements of our customers (doses, cadences, flowrate...)
  • Wide range of filling nozzles depending on the products to package (stringy, viscous, large pieces...)


  • Pouches (sauces for out-of-home catering)
  • Buckets (fruits & vegetables preparation)
  • Bags (minced meat)
  • Pots (fresh dairy products) or bottom pots (multi-layers preparations)
  • Thermoformed containers (convenience food)
  • Flacons (cosmetics)


  • Dosys™ technology (see page 7) or Moineau™ technology (see page 6)


  • Hygienic design of components
  • Cleaning in place of the overall system, whatever the proposed solution

Example of realization

PCM DOSYFILL - Filling of various cosmetic products on flasks


  • Doses from 9 to 180ml [0.0024 to 0.047 usgal]
  • 30L [7.93 usgal] hopper racking


  • 1 Dosys™ technology pump
  • Brushless actuator
  • 1 pinching nozzle (4mm [0.16 inch] diameter) + 2 static nozzles (4/6 mm [0.16/0.24 inch] & 6/8 mm [0.24/0.31 inch] diameter)
  • Integrated cabinet and control panel
  • "Top dosing" foot pedal control

PCM DOSYFILL - Filling of a viscous preparation with pieces on bags or Euro buggies


  • Dosing on two stations in alternating mode
  • Doses from 10 to 15Kg [22 to 33 lbs] (bags) or 200Kg [441 lbs] (E-buggies)
  • Hopper racking
  • Dose control by weighing: pump controlled by the scale to reach the desired setpoint
  • Integration of a CIP pump
  • Cleaning in place of the overall system (excluding hopper)


  • 1 Hycare™ hygienic pump (Moineau™ technology)
  • Brushless actuator
  • 2 sleeve nozzles (51 mm [2 inch] diameter) mounted on retractable support arm
  • Integrated cabinet and control panel
  • 1 push buttom dispensing

PCM DOSYFILL 3 HEADS - Filling of liquid sauces with or without pieces in preformed pots


  • Doses from 15 to 60gr [0.03 to 0.13 lbs]- cadence from 8 to 10 strokes/mn
  • Stroke by stroke dosing
  • Displacement, on 1 axis, of the conditioning nozzles through Brushless actuator - 7 steps
  • ″Parking″ position for nozzle priming and cleaning
  • Cleaning in place of the overall system
  • Integration into the existing customer conditioning line


  • Compact and monobloc unit
  • 3 Dosys™ technology pumps
  • Brushless actuator
  • 3 whole way nozzles (12 mm [0.47 inch] diameter)
  • Integrated cabinet and deported control panel for operators


(Depending on the DosysTM pump type)

  • Pressure: 20 bars max
  • Speed: 60 strokes/max (if pump set at its maximum volume capacity)
  • Maximum size of particles up to 48 mm
  • Accuracy +/- 2% from 500 to 2000 gr doses
  • Accuracy +/- 5% from 40 to 100 gr doses

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