PCM Food

Topping system

Topping system is an ultimate and delicate step in the finalization of your recipes.

Topping means the action of depositing a dose of ingredient to partially or completely cover a food preparation.

This final step is complex because it finalizes your preparation; it must not risk any imperfection.

For this delicate step, the dosing and transfer technologies are the same as in previous applications but differ by the use of specific nozzles.

  • Multi-outlet diaphragm nozzle: prevents foaming thanks to multi-outlets.
  • Umbrella nozzle: good distribution and dispersion inside the container.
  • Whole way nozzle: large chunk passage suitable for viscous fluids.
  • Suckback nozzle: Avoid contamination on the container, « rising particles at the end of nozzles ».
  • Small capacities suckback nozzle: Pull the string up into the nozzle body at the end of the dosing process.