PCM Industry

Pump skids

Only available for UK market

Our industrial pump systems simplify and accelerate the integration of PCM pumping solutions into your processes, as each PCM skid includes the pump, accessories and control panels. Our solutions are designed to meet your specific industry requirements, with every skid designed to provide the most advanced technology for your products and application.

Complete industrial pumping solutions

Our solutions integrate all the equipment and accessories you could need, ensuring you have a full and efficient industrial process. This cuts down on integration time, enabling you to merge our advanced processes smoothly into your existing operations. Our range of systems includes:

  • Chemskid, for the dosing of chemical reagents
  • Cleanskid, a high pressure wash system
  • Limeskid, ideal for lime milk dosings
  • Filter Press, an automated feeding system

Ready-to-go pump systems

Our factory is properly equipped and optimized for building skids, ensuring your ready-to-go pump systems are of a higher quality than site-assembled ones. What’s more, PCM skids are fully tested ahead of installation in order to ensure rapid integration into your operations. This will save you both time and money, as you will no longer need to expend either on developing a system around your pumps – and there’s no need, either, to worry about sourcing the right control systems and accessories. Everything you need is fully integrated.


Our solutions offer an economical alternative to time-consuming, on-site system installation, as they eliminate the need to manage multiple suppliers, and we don’t charge any additional engineering costs. Our one-step ordering means you can simplify purchasing, by ordering your full pump system at one time. You can reduce maintenance and spare parts costs by deploying standardized solutions against all of your operations.

Customized pump systems

In addition to our ready-to-go solutions, PCM can also develop customized systems to meet your exact requirements. Each comes with pumps, accessories and the control panel in a custom-made, fully tested skid. Contact us today to find out how we can create the perfect industrial pumping solutions for you.