PCM Food

Micro-dosing system for liquid ingredients - PCM Additivefill

PCM Additivefill skid is designed for liquid homogeneous products dosing and filling in any types of containers. This filling system is the ideal solution for dairy industries for dosing small doses of rennet in the bottom of yoghurt pots.

The system adapts to the diversity of containers and customer processes, in particular there are two possible dosing technologies to best meet customer needs: PCM technology Dosys™ or MDS (synchronized multi-dispenser) membrane technology.

The choice of technology is therefore made according to the desired precision, the number of flavours, the rates and the doses. The dosage control can be carried out with several volumes and different products in one and the same cycle. The solution is therefore compact and mobile, easily integrated into your working environment, either among new or existing installations.


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PCM Flavor filling station (p.71)

  • PCM flavor filling station

System benefits


  • Can be adapted to various containers and customers processes
  • Two available dosing technologies, PCM Dosys™ or diaphragm MDS (Synchronized multi dosing heads) to meet customer requirements. The choice of technology will depend on the desired accuracy , number of flavours, cadences and doses.
  • Dosing control with many capacity of several different products in a single cycle
  • Compact and mobile solution, can be easily integrated on new or existing installations


  • Pots (aroms, colorings, additives)
  • Bottom of pots (rennet)


  • Dosys™ technology (see page 7)


  • Hygienic design of components
  • Cleaning in place of the overall system

Example of realization

PCM ADDITIVEFILL - Dosing of homogeneous liquid at the bottom of pots


  • Doses:1cc - cadence 160 pots/mn
  • Product suction directly into the drums positioned on the frame
  • Dosing synchronization through the conditioning machine
  • Rennet dosing directly into the pots / Cycle synchronized for the two dosing heads
  • Automatic adjustment of doses according to the selected recipe
  • Automatic end product detection in cans
  • Cleaning in place without dismantling


  • Compact unit
  • 2 Dosys™ technology pumps
  • Brushless actuator
  • Vertical pump configuration
  • Suction pipe adapted to the container and product level sensor
  • Cleaning sleeve for suction pipe
  • Integrated control cabinet with control panel

PCM ADDITIVEFILL - Dosing of aroms in pots


  • Doses from 0,8 to 1,4 cc - cadence 30 strokes/mn
  • Product suction directly into the drums positioned on the frame
  • Dosing synchronization through the conditioning machine
  • Dosing of aroms directly into the pots / Dosing cycle synchronized for the 20 heads
  • Dose control by manual adjustment of the diaphragm stroke
  • Cleaning in place without dismantling (closed circuit), suction of the solution from the tanks


  • Compact and mobile unit
  • 1 MDS dosing unit with 20 heads
  • Diaphragm metering heads with a needle valve at the inlet and a ball valve with truncated conical spring return at the outlet
  • Same drive for the 20 heads by rotary cylinder with pneumatic actuator
  • 1 distribution plate equipped with 20 static nozzles
  • 1 cleaning solution recovery tank fixed on the frame
  • Flexible pipe sets between the supply and dosing units
  • Electropneumatic control cabinet

System performances

  • Pressure: 20 bars
  • Speed: 60 strokes/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,5%
  • High accuracy for concentrated flavourings: +/-0,5%
  • Particle sizes: 48 mm