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Services for food systems

PCM offers a full range of services to analyze, commission, maintain or even upgrade your system. Find out more about our services below.

Fluids testing for food system

Would you like to validate the pumping capacities, the dosing and/or the sediment of your products? To know the technical solutions adapted to your fluids? PCM offers different fluid tests as well as a food product testing.

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Audit of food systems

Do you want to evaluate the performance of your food systems? The PCM audit service provides a detailed action plan as well as recommendations to optimize your maintenance and productivity costs. 


Commissioning of food systems

You would like to commission your food system? PCM can help you. Our experts are available on site or remotely and according to your needs, your country and your schedule.

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Maintenance of food systems

Do you want to optimise and secure your food systems? Our services include solutions adapted to your needs such as technical expertise, preventive and curative maintenance, and training.


Improving food systems

Do you want to upgrade your food system with the latest technologies? Are you looking to optimise your production capacities? Discover our improvement solutions!

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