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PCM Ecomoineau™ MX progressing cavity pump with maintenance in place

The PCM EcoMoineau™ MX pump comes with an integrated maintenance in place system as a standard feature. It is specifically designed to provide easy and rapid maintenance. Thanks to its maintenance in place system, maintenance operations can be carried out on-site without the need to remove the pump from its installation. This significantly reduces downtime and optimizes the productivity of industrial operations.

The PCM EcoMoineau™ MX pump is the ideal choice for industries seeking a high-performing, robust, and user-friendly pumping solution. With its integrated maintenance in place system as a standard feature, it enables productivity optimization.

The EcoMoineau™ MX is available in different versions:

  • Integrated, monobloc or bearing mounting
  • Multistandard flanges or hopper in suction side


  • Different rotor and stator materials available
  • Multi-standard flanges
  • Enlarged inspection doors
  • Revolutionary articulation
  • Maintenance system in place as standard
  • ATEX Certification in option

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Maintenance in place

At first glance, the PCM Ecomoineau™ MX pump may look like an ordinary PCP, but a closer look reveals a multitude of design features that make installation, operation and maintenance easier than ever before.

  • Rotor and stator can be replaced in a matter of minutes without affecting the installation, thanks to the maintenance in place system
  • The seal can be changed by simply disconnecting the drive.
  • The shaft line (rotor, coupling rod, driving shaft) can be removed without disconnecting the pipes.
  • The integrated version comes with a smaller diameter, self-positioning mechanical seal.

Reduced space requirements

Because the PCM EcoMoineau™ MX pump is more compact than comparable progressing cavity pumps, it requires less space for installation and servicing, which speeds up maintenance, reduces civil engineering costs and eases integration systems.Thanks to its in-place maintenance system, there is no need for a clearance coast to replace worn parts. It can be installed in smaller premises and can be hoisted using lighter lifting gear.

Adaptability to the process

The reduced overall dimensions and the use of multi-standard connection flanges allow the PCM Ecomoineau™ MX pump to be easily integrated into different installations. Moreover, this new generation of pump replaces PCM Ecomoineau™ M pumps in their place. In the case of pump replacement, their integrations therefore do not require modification of existing installations.


  • Maximum flow rate: from  0.3 m3/h to 180 m3/h /from 1.32 à 792.5 US GPM
  • Maximum pressure: 24 bar / 350 psi
  • Maximum temperature: 120°c /250°F
  • Particle size: 40 mm / 1,57 inches