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Topping system – PCM Dosytop

PCM Dosytop is the ideal system for coating and applying viscous and/or heterogeneous ingredients to various culinary preparations.

The technology of the PCM dispensing system will be chosen according to the manufacturing process: Dosys™ pumps will be used for discontinuous dispensing while for a continuous process, progressing cavity pumps Moineau™ will be chosen as dosing pumps.

The equipment is completed by nozzles well adapted to the product to be dosed, providing the customer with a fully automated, consistent, reliable and accurate system. In addition, the PCM dispensing station can be equipped with a cleaning system in place, ensuring strict hygiene conditions at each production start or ingredient change.

This product is 3A and FDA certified, guaranteeing compliance with very strict hygiene standards.


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  • PCM topping station for sauces

System benefits


  • Can be adapted to the dimensions of your final products in any type of containers and to the topping ingredients
  • A PCM Dosys™ or PCM Moineau™ technology meeting the requirements of customer processes (products, cadences, doses, ...) and a topping system adapted to viscous, stringy, heterogeneous coating products
  • Consideration of existing installations, machine dimensions, conveyor lengths


  • Biscuits, cakes - Application of jam, caramel, chocolate,...
  • Convenience food - Coating of preparations with sauces, creams, vinaigrettes,...
  • Bread, Viennoiserie - Application of mixes of preparations on sandwiches, icing


  • Dosys ™ technology (see page 7) or Moineau™ technology (see page 6)


  • Hygienic design of components
  • Cleaning in place of the overall system

Example of realization

PCM DOSYTOP 4 HEADS - Topping of chicken or tuna mix preparation on breads


  • Doses from 28 to 60gr/bread [0.06 to 0.13 lbs]- machine cadence: 3500 breads/h
  • Manual loading of the customer preparations directly on the hoppers
  • Automatic product priming to the conditioning nozzles
  • Automatic dose adjustment through recipes management
  • Top dosing when the cells detect the presence of bread
  • Simultaneous topping of the mix preparation with 4 heads
  • Manually vertical and lateral adjustment of conditioning nozzles
  • Detection of low tank level for hopper loading or end of production
  • Cleaning in place (excluding hoppers) with CIP collector to be positioned at the nozzle outlet


  • 2 x 50L [13.2 usgal] loading tanks with covers
  • 1 dosing unit equipped with 4 Dosys™ technology pumps
  • Brushless actuator enabling automatic recipes management
  • 1 topping station with 4 whole way suckback nozzles (diameter: 20 mm [0.79 inch])
  • Nozzles and handwheels plate for manual adjustment of nozzle positioning
  • 316L stainless steel priming and CIP return collector
  • 1 electrical panel
  • 1 remote pneumatic box fixed on the dosing frame
  • Fixed protective housings and access doors for maintenance with safety switches

PCM DOSYTOP 14 HEADS - Jam topping on rectangular shortbreads


  • Product doses: 7gr/biscuit [0.015 lbs]- machine cadence: 450 to 850 biscuits/mn (60 topping/mn max on 14 biscuits rows)
  • Product viscosity: from 200 000cpo to 350 000cpo
  • Drum unloading (customer product) to the feeding system tank
  • The feeding system supplies a transfer pump and limits the incoporation of air into the high viscosity customer preparation. The transfer pump feeds the overall topping system which is equipped with 14 dosing pumps.
  • Topping synchronization with the conveyor movement (belt speed)
  • The dough pieces are detected by rows. The topping is triggered by the presence of the dough piece.
  • Jam topping on 14 dough pieces simultaneously
  • Cleaning in place of the overall system (feeding/transfer/topping systems)


  • 1 Viscofeeder equipped with a 500L tank [132 usgal] and a feeding pressure controller
  • 1 Moineau™ technology transfer pump (integrated into the feeding system)
  • 1 316L stainless steel feeding collector with 14 heads
  • 1 topping unit including 14 Moineau™ dosing pumps
  • 14 nozzles specifically designed for the topping on biscuits
  • 1 conveyor tracking system using Brushless technology and detection cells
  • 1 CIP return collector equipped with 14 check valves
  • CIP equipment: 2 centrifugal pumps for CIP suction/discharge and valve sets

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