PCM Food

Fruits and vegetables: PCM pumps & equipment

Fresh and processed fruit & vegetable world production has doubled over the past thirty years. Applications for our technologies are multiple, from the transfer of raw crops (transfer of bunches of grapes) to elaborate recipes manufacturing such as tomato sauce, fruit compotes.

There are many challenges in this market. Our technologies have to resist to ingredients abrasiveness such as achenes from strawberries, seeds, but also to resist to the acidity of some preparations (tomato paste).

In addition, a technology that respects the fragility and the integrity of the pieces will be necessary to transfer, dose or fill various containers (canned fruit salad for example).


  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Fruits and vegetables

Market challenges

  • Handle difficult, abrasive, acid or fragile ingredients
  • Improve productivity and Life Cycle Costs
  • Ensure quality of final products

Why choose PCM ?

  • PCM technologies guarantee perfect respect of product’s appearance and texture
  • Optimize production through accuracy of transfer and dosing
  • Quality and sturdiness of equipment for high production rates
  • Low Life Cycle Costs, reduced losses and production downtime

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