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PCM Delasco™ DX Series hose pumps for food

With various pump constructions and a wide choice of elastomer hoses, the PCM Delasco™ range allows to cover a wide variety of applications calling for heavy duty and flexibility.

The PCM Delasco™ DX pump, thanks to their different constructions and the variety of their elastomer hoses, cover a wide range of applications requiring versatility and flexibility of use.

Easy to use and maintain, PCM Delasco™ DX peristaltic pumps adapts to multiple stresses of abrasiveness, corrosiveness and respect for textures. A food nitrile tube (CE 1935/2004 and FDA certified) has been developed to meet these applications.

With a low operating speed and a smooth passage through the tube, the peristaltic pumps are ideal for transferring abrasive products such as spent grains, crushed meat juices containing bone debris… They also ensure the safe transfer of fragile products (fruit pieces or slaughterhouse residues in the recovery of by-products).

PCM Delasco™ DX peristaltic pumps offer the following advantages:

  • self-priming,

  • dry running,

  • reduced overall cost of use (single wearing part: the tube).

The ease of maintenance of the peristaltic pump is a key factor appreciated by cosmetic product manufacturers (clay slurries, creams...).

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  • Picture of the PCM Delasco™ peristaltic pump – DX series


Multi fluids hose pump

  • Ideal for abrasive and high solids content slurries (up to 80%), high density, corrosive, shear sensitive, viscous, multiphase, gaseous and crystalizing fluids pumping

Optimised OPEX

  • Only one wearing part: the hose;
  • Easy on-site maintenance and short downtimes thanks to a unique hose quick release allowing hose change in only a few minutes
  • Seal-less design: no expensive sealing to replace and no associated seal-water flushing costs
  • Low energy requirements thanks to the inherent low running speed

Versatile food hose pump

  • Transfer, dosing and emptying
  • High suction lift
  • Can run dry without ancillary protection equipment

Contamination proof technology peristaltic pump

  • Seal-less
  • Only one wearing and wetted part: the hose


  • Minimum flowrate: 44 l/h
  • Maximum pressure: 15 bar
  • Acceptable peak temperature: 80°C
  • Self-priming: 9mCE
  • Density higher than 2
  • Maximum viscosity : 40 000 cP

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