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EcoMoineau™ MVA-FF Series Force Feeding Pumps

Based on Moineau ™ technology, PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA-FF Progressive Cavity Pumps are designed to simplify the transfer and/or dosing of many complex fluids for a wide range of industrial applications. Many industries face harsh conditions when handling highly viscous, sticky, dry matter or large chunks of fluids or fluids that tend to buckle.

With a simple yet robust design, the PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA-FF series combines consistent productivity and profitability with even the most complex fluids.

The EcoMoineau™ MVA-FF series is designed for the transfer of highly viscous sticky sludge, with a high dry matter content, low flow rate or a tendency to arch. It is an ideal solution for pumping high viscosity or low flow fluids, which often require manual or gravity feed pumps.


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  • Cake pumps PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA FF
  • Cake pumps PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA FF - cut away
  • Cake pumps PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA FF system

Advantages of the PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA-FF force feeding pumps

  • Respect for the pumped product
  • Constant, pulsation-free flow
  • Flow rate proportional to speed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Valveless operation
  • Large hopper coupled with an Archimedean screw allows manual or gravity feeding of highly viscous or low flow fluids
  • Spare parts common to the entire PCM EcoMoineau™ range

Versatile construction to meet every need.

  • Transfer of high viscosity, high dry content, sticky fluids with low flow capacity or prone to arching, thanks to the perforated booster screw
  • Handling of fluids requiring manual or gravity feeding into the feed hopper
  • Reinforced joint (metallic) suitable for abrasive fluids
  • It is possible to use a devouter to ensure that the pump is force fed

Performances of PCM EcoMoineau™ MVA-FF force feeding pumps

  • Flow rate : from 0.003 to 300 m3/h (including small and big IVA and MVA models)
  • Pressure : 24 bar
  • Viscosities up to 1.000.000 cPo
  • Max solids content : 40%

Options available on EcoMoineau MVA-FF PCM pumps

  • Polymer lubrication modules: Injection of a lubricating film into the inner walls of the discharge pipe ensures higher efficiency and lower operating costs.
  • Level management module controls pump speed and prevents overflow.

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