PCM Food

Food Industry Pumps

PCM offer one of the widest ranges of food grade pumps and food processing systems in the industry.

Our superior range of pumps, combined with our Life Cycle Costs (LCC) approach to pump design, enables us to provide you with the right pump technology for your fluids and operating environment:

Progressing cavity pumps

Our PCPs offer unbeatable competitiveness, in terms of hygiene and food safety, as well as saving you space and time. The range includes the PCM Hycare™, designed to protect the quality and texture of your products, as well as the PCM Ecomoineau™ C, which offers easy maintenance and integration into your existing systems.

Peristaltic pumps

These food grade pumps provide the easiest maintenance on the market, and our Delasco™ technology principle will greatly help to reduce your maintenance costs. Our range of peristaltic pumps includes the PCM DL & DSC series as well as the Z series, both of which are self-priming and offer excellent versatility.

Dosing pumps

Our dosing pumps offer extremely high metering accuracy, for more precise and reliable production. We also provide the Dosys Systems, to simplify your process engineering for perfect dosing and filling. Our Dosys food grade pumps automatically synchronise dosing volumes with the filling station, resulting in optimal performance.

Food grade progressing cavity pumps

Pulsation-free and offering very low shear operations, our Moineau™ pumps are ideal for tasks that require a steady flow regardless of product viscosity or pressure. They can operate at higher pressure than other positive displacement pumps and can be cleaned in place (CIP).

Progressing cavity pumps

Food grade peristaltic pumps

Our food grade peristaltic pumps are the ideal choice to reduce your maintenance costs.

Peristaltic pump principle

Dosing pumps

The PCM dosing pumps are designed to minimize losses while offering maximum flexibility. The precision and the flexibility are the keys to a perfect dosing. 

PCM Dosys™ piston dosing pump

Industrial mixers

Our industrial food mixers are particularly suitable for fragile, shear sensitive or viscous products with or without solids. They are able to produce small batches with rapid changeovers allowing efficient production of different recipes.


Injection and dosing systems

PCM proposes different technologies to meet your constraints and requirements in terms of accuracy, loss of ingredients, respect of the structure, productivity and ease of cleaning.  

injection systems

Filling systems

Filling systems allow the control of a clean and accurate dosage. Find the best solution!

Filling station

Topping system

Topping system is an ultimate and delicate step in the finalization of your recipes. PCM provides further solutions for this kind of application.

topping station

Stuffing system

Stuffing system allow you to be creative: put ideas into production through versatility and maintaining the integrity of the ingredients.


Emptying and dosing system

With the Food system PCM Dosydrum using the piston pump technology Dosys™, PCM offers a combined emptying/dosing solution.

Food system PCM Dosydrum

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