PCM Food

Improving food systems

Do you want to upgrade your food system with the latest technologies? Are you looking to optimize your production capacities?


PCM designs and makes innovative and high-performance food systems, taking into account the life cycle, the maintenance and the production capacities. In addition, improvement solutions can be made on systems already in place. 



To optimize the efficiency of your system, PCM provides improvement solutions adapted to your needs:

  • "Mechanical retrofit" or "modernization" is the improvement of your equipment with new technologies.

> changing rotary actuators to the latest generation of pneumatics.
> modification of pneumatic actuators to brushless technology to have a better setting accuracy and production downtime savings.
> installation of circuit selector, cascade mixer to reduce fruit losses.
> possibility to add an extra flavor to a system "fruit station" or other options such as automatic change of container.
> option to reduce consumption on hydraulic barriers.

  • Electrical upgrades and automation” are the modification of the system with new functions or the replacement of options with new concepts according to your needs.

We have a wide range of services.

Examples of upgrades:

> functions such as the display of production constants, the sending of configurable alerts, the optimization of maintenance functions.
> the update or the complete migration of the PLC programming with a configuration adapted to remote maintenance.
> the change of your displays or old generation PLCs in order to limit production downtime. It can be in case of failure on obsolete equipment that is no longer produced.
> the replacement of the electrical cabinet with a Plug and Play concept for a safe start.



  • To optimize the performance: with the addition of new technologies, your food equipment access to functions close to a new system.
  • For a better reactivity in case of failure: retrofit limits extended production downtime thanks to the change of components.
  • For reduced operational costs with a reliable and optimized machine. The storage of spare parts is also reduced.

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The steps

1. Understanding and definition of the needs: first, our on-site engineers or online experts analyze your needs to identify the right upgrade or retrofit solution.Then, an action plan with a panel of technical recommendations is prepared.

2. Preparation of the improvements: from sale to start-up, a project manager lead the changes. Within the PCM design office, modifications are prepared before delivery (mechanical, electrical and automation studies). The assembly, the set-up and the programming are made before shipment.

3. System start-up: on site or remotely, our experts make the necessary improvements. Our technicians work on the systems in a context of commitment and excellence.

4. At the end of the intervention, a report is prepared with the update of technical documents (mechanical drawings, electrical diagrams, latest version of PLC program).


Our experts will support you, with their expertise in food system, online or on site. PCM also provides an audit service. To find out more, click here.