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Positive displacement pumps

Here at PCM, we offer a wide range of positive displacement pumps, designed to meet your needs whatever industry you’re working in.

We take a Life Cycle Costs (LCC) approach to pump design, enabling us to provide you with the right technology for your fluids and operating environment.

Industrial Pumps

Our pumps are unbeatable for easy maintenance, high metering accuracy and competitiveness. We offer three types, each designed with different industry needs in mind:

  • Progressing cavity pumps: These are very versatile, but they’re especially suited to fragile fluids and fluids with high viscosity. Our progressing cavity pumps are designed with Moineau™ technology for the utmost reliability and performance.
  • Peristaltic pumps: These are robust and easy to maintain, meaning they can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. They are particularly suited to abrasive or corrosive fluids.
  • Dosing pumps: Ideally suited to applications which require accurate dosing, our pumps also offer smooth pumping with a very low shear action.

Pump systems

We also provide turnkey solutions that will simplify and accelerate the integration of PCM pumping solutions into your industrial processes. Our ready-to-use skid units include the pump, accessories and control panel, providing you with everything you need for a full process. These systems are both efficient and cost-effective, built to a high standard to save you money on maintenance and spare parts costs.

We can also develop and deliver customized skid systems to meet your specific requirements.

Spare parts

Should you ever need spare parts for your pump or pump system, PCM has a worldwide network of suppliers to ensure you can obtain a replacement as quickly as possible. Find out more about our spare parts service for positive displacement pumps online today.

To know more you can consult our global industry catalogue by clicking here.

Industrial grinders

PCM offers technologies that are well suited to different types of waste to be grinded and offers a macerator for filamentous string-type materials and a grinder for solid wood, plastic or pebble material.


Industrial progressing cavity pumps

PCM use Moineau™ technology in our progressing cavity pump range, to ensure they can operate at a higher pressure than other positive displacement pumps.

Operating principle of PCM progressing cavity pumps

Industrial Peristaltic Pumps & Hose Pumps

PCM Delasco™ peristaltic pumps are the ideal choice to reduce your maintenance costs. We offer industrial hose pumps (DX, Z, PMA) which are suitable for corrosive, abrasive and fragile products.

PCM Delasco™ peristaltic pump - PMA Series

Customer service

To increase the added value of our pumps and pump systems, we provide a wide range of pre- and post-sales services for our industrial customers.

Wide range of PCM pre and post sales services

Pump skids

Our industrial pump systems simplify and accelerate the integration of PCM pumping solutions into your processes, as each PCM skid includes the pump, accessories and control panels.

PCM turnkey systems

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