PCM Food

Food grade progressing cavity pumps

Pulsation-free and offering very low shear operations, our Moineau™ pumps are ideal for tasks that require a steady flow regardless of product viscosity or pressure. They can operate at higher pressure than other positive displacement pumps and can be cleaned in place (CIP).

PCP principle

Moineau technology

  • Handles both fragile and viscous products
  • High suction and self-priming capabilities
  • Constant non-pulsating flow
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reversible
  • Flow rate proportional to running speed

How does a progressing cavity pump work ?

A Moineau pump consists of a helical rotor turning inside a helical stator. The stainless steel rotor is machined to a high degree of precision, and the stator is molded in a resilient elastomer.

The geometry and the dimensions of these parts are such that when the rotor is inserted into the stator, a double chain of watertight cavities (honeycombed-shaped) is created. When the rotor turns inside the stator, the honeycomb progresses spirally along the axis of the pump without changing either shape or volume.

This action transfers the product from the pump intake to the pump discharge without degrading the product.