PCM QHSE policy

The lessons and experiences learned from the recent economic and sanitary crises (covid-19 and oil crisis) have led the group to review its organization to increase its performance, in order to ensure better efficiency and profitability in the medium and long terms. In this perspective, the group has decided to review its strategic indicators dashboard to make it more dynamic and more relevant.

Building on our unique expertise, we will continue to grow and make a positive contribution to our communities by carrying out consistently high-quality projects, products and services.

We maintain the desire to create an environment of opportunity for our employees in strict compliance with local regulations to ensure the safety of all our stakeholders by eliminating hazards and reducing risks.

Our Quality Management System, which encompasses the QHSE scope, remains a key success factor for PCM to adapt to the different contexts and organizations, hallmarks of the group. As such, everyone’s commitment is key; our past and future successes have been, are and will be the outcome of solid collaboration and teamwork. 

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By deploying the following main standards (ISO 9 001, 14 001, 50 001, 45 001) as a basic principle for the PCM group, all management and its employees undertake to appropriate and respect the values and following behaviors: RESPECT, COMMITMENT and EXCELLENCE.

PCM strives to proactively respond to customer needs by ensuring efficient and flawless execution while making product and service reliability a cornerstone of its approach, thus by respecting the health of people, stakeholders and the environment.


In this context, the group’s strategic objectives are split as follows:

  • Goal 1: Safety first,
  • Goal 2: Improving our competitive position to be a reliable partner for our customers,
  • Goal 3: Being profitable and sustainable,
  • Goal 4: Developing social responsibility,
  • Goal 5: Ensuring Employee satisfaction,
  • Goal 6: Reaffirming our position of technological leader.

The management and monitoring of strategic objectives 1, 2 and 3 is done monthly cascaded down to all group entities. Objectives 4, 5 and 6 will continue to be managed centrally with bi-annual monitoring. Achieving these objectives is a guarantee of sustainability for the PCM group.

The QHSE objectives are fully in line with the above objectives and are clearly described in the strategy; all above is part of the continuous improvement of our system.

January 2021
Chief Executive Officer