PCM QHSE policy

Building on our unique expertise, we will continue to grow and make positive contribution to society by delivering quality projects, products, and services safely and profitably, while providing an environment of opportunity for our people.
Our QHSE management system is a key success factor for continuous improvement process for PCM. To this end, the commitment of each of us is essential, and our past and future successes are based on our ability to work together.

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By implementing  the main QHSE standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 50001, ISO 45001) as a basic in all PCM entities as well as effective tools, the whole  management and all employees commit to the following values and behaviors : RESPECT, COMMITMENT and EXCELLENCE.

PCM strives to effectively meet the need of customers by ensuring flawless execution and by making product reliability a cornerstone of its approach.


All above provides a rigorous and proactive frame to define, deploy and sustain the 8 PCM corporate goals: 

Goal 1: Safety first,
Goal 2: Being a reliable partner providing customer satisfaction,
Goal 3: Being profitable and sustainable,
Goal 4: Improving our productivity,
Goal 5: Improving our competitive position, 
Goal 6: Affirming our position of technological leader,
Goal 7: Ensuring Employee satisfaction,
Goal 8: Developing social responsibility.

QHSE objectives are aligned with the above goals, clearly defined in the QHSE strategy. 
The achievement of these objectives is a group commitment  to the continuous improvement of the QHSE management system.

June 2017
Chief Executive Officer