PCM Food

Convenience food: Dosing and filling PCM pumps & equipment

Lifestyles evolution have directly impacted cooking and eating habits, leading to a sharp rise in the ready meals market. The main causes of this development are : women employment increasing, catering development outside of home, leisure time development at the expense of homemade meals.

The Convenience food market brings together a heterogeneity of manufacturers ranging from industrial production of ready meals to artisanal production who mainly produces regional traditional recipes. PCM responds to this heterogeneity by making on demand systems for dosing viscous, pasty ingredients with or without pieces, for filling all types of containers (trays, bags, jars, etc.).

PCM adapts its systems to customer needs (high-speed automated systems or more traditional systems with filling on demand).

One thing does not change between these 2 worlds, quality and dosing accuracy!

  • Convenience food
  • Convenience food

Market challenges

  • Recipes diversification multiplication (without allergens, organic recipes…)
  • ​Production flexibility
  • Ever lower manufacturing costs

Why choose PCM ?

  • On demand systems that combine the most advanced technologies with the reduction of Life Cycle Cost
  • PCM technologies ensure perfect respect of final product’s appearance and texture
  • Optimized production with highly accurate dosing and filling
  • Reduced losses and production downtime
  • Hygienic design for Cleaning In Place (CIP)

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