Welcome to PCM Suppliers' portal

PCM builds long-term and balanced relationships with our suppliers, selected according to criteria in terms of performance, expertise and technological innovation. At the same time, PCM supports them in a drive for shared growth, based on continuous improvement at all levels.

Specific information due to COVID-19 crisis

PCM adapts and continues its activity according to customer priorities; health of our employees, customers and suppliers stay our absolute priority: please note following adjustments

  • Suppliers / Service providers : any person entering on PCM site must wear a mask category 1 – surgical mask ; cloth mask strictly prohibited
  • Supplier deliveries (drivers)  : only opened from 8:00 a.m. to 12 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. >> SURGICAL MASK AND HYDRO ALCOOLIC GEL MANDATORY


Our purchasing potential

Our purchasing potential for all Group companies includes:

  • direct purchases: all the components and services necessary for the production and assembly process of our machines (for further information, please click here or visit our You Tube page)
  • indirect purchases: all products and services used in the daily operations of organizations (excluding production processes).

Purchasing policy

PCM purchasing policy is in line with company core values, and fully consistent with QHSE policy and industrial policy. Beyond an entire requirement in terms of quality and respect for deliveries, it is managed on a long-term, balanced, and profitable basis between the group and its suppliers

>> For further information on purchasing policy, click here.

Purchasing organization

PCM conducts business worldwide through strategic subsidiaries closer to its customers and partners.

Purchasing organization is designed to develop synergies between entities, in order to:

  • Manage purchasing categories: consolidate needs in accordance with purchasing policy (local or at group level, central or managed by a sourcing engineer)
  • Support internal requesters on dedicated tenders and projects and contribute to satisfy PCM customers, in close link with purchasing category strategies.

Working with PCM

Suppliers wishing to collaborate with PCM are invited to contact directly Purchasing departments (click here) by filling out the Request for Information (English version - click here / Chinese version - click here) with all additional documentation; (Non-Disclosure Agreement - click here / Code of Conduct - click here)

We have been selecting and assessing suppliers and sub-contractors performance according to operational criteria (quality, delivery time, costs) as well as their commitment for an increasing performance and their contribution to social development.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

PCM has signed Charter for responsible supplier relationship and expect suppliers and subcontractors to act in this field. PCM has a SME correspondent/internal mediator. His mission is to ensure all the conditions for a constructive dialog between the SME PCM, in order to find solutions with positive outcomes for both parties.

To contact SME correspondent/internal mediator please write to : compliancegroup@pcm.eu

General Purchasing Conditions

PCM incorporates social and sustainable development aspects while ensuring fair contractual relations, especially with general purchasing conditions (GPC).