PCM Corporate social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility at PCM is a logical continuation of our Code of conduct, of our compliance policy and of the eco-design approach for the conception of our pumps that has existed for years.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project follows our company values of respect, excellence and commitment.

Sustainable Development

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment is an integral part of the PCM 2022 Strategy. It involves developing actions with a positive relationship with the society in which the company operates.

We want to anchor a strong PCM group culture with the highest ethical standards that employees can be proud of. Based on our values, PCM designs a Social Responsibility approach by supporting selected social, cultural, sports or humanitarian projects in the regions and social environments our employees live in.

The company makes a priority of improving the external view of the PCM brand so it is seen as an attractive working environment for individuals seeking to develop professionally, grow a career and make a positive contribution to society. 

With CSR, the objective is to develop a Group safety culture that also endeavors to develop a pleasant and safe work environment at all the sites, along with an enhanced work-life balance.

We address our CSR through 3 different axis:

  • Serve the environment
  • People & society
  • Responsible business practices

CSR to serve the environment

The Group has established an eco-design policy that aims at minimizing environmental impacts of activities. Being clearly seen to behave in an ethical manner enhances our reputation for integrity, which in turn helps us attract and retain both customers and employees.”

PCM is focusing on 2 main aspects:

  • minimizing the environmental impact of PCM operations

PCM is committed to protecting the environment during manufacturing. Our production facilities in France, in China and in the USA have deployed a continous improvment management system regarding their environmental performances according to the ISO 14001. In addition, PCM provides comprehensive equipment refurbishment, which can extend a pump’s lifespan by years, and a full range end-of-life recycling services.

  • creating sustainable products

PCM pumps are built with valuable raw materials and are used, in many cases, to handle precious natural resources. Using Eco-Design, PCM has developed pumps that require fewer raw materials to manufacture, that are lighter and more cost effective to transport, and that are fully recyclable. PCM pumps also help customers enhance the sustainability of their business practices, whether for treating wastewater, breathing new life into old oil wells, or filling yogurt with delicate fruits.

During the design stage, our technicians and engineers put Eco-Design principles into practice and take into account environmental factors such as reducing energy consumption, noise reduction, life cycle cost, waste recycling, operator safety, etc. For many applications, PCM positive displacement pumps are more energy efficient than the majority of competing pump technologies. And through better pump design and elastomer selection, the energy efficiency of PCM pumps can be optimized.

CSR to serve people and society

One of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our workforce, with men and women of many nationalities and backgrounds working together and sharing common objectives.

PCM is focusing on 5 main aspects:

  • Health & well being

  • Safety

  • Diversity

  • Education

  • Corporate citizenship

CSR and responsible business practices

Our sustainable business practices are based on integrity, fairness, transparency, and responsibility.

PCM is focusing on 3 main aspects:

  • Compliance

  • Human rights

  • Sustainable supply chain