PCM corporate social responsibility

The Social Responsibility at PCM is a logical continuation of our Code of conduct, of our compliance policy and of the eco-design approach for the conception of our pumps that has existed for years.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project follows our company values of respect, excellence and commitment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment is an integral part of the PCM 2022 Strategy. It involves developing actions with a positive relationship with the society in which the company operates.

We want to anchor a strong PCM group culture with the highest ethical standards that employees can be proud of. Based on our values, PCM designs a Social Responsibility approach by supporting selected social, cultural, sports or humanitarian projects in the regions and social environments our employees live in.

The company makes a priority of improving the external view of the PCM brand so it is seen as an attractive working environment for individuals seeking to develop professionally, grow a career and make a positive contribution to society. 

With CSR, the objective is to develop a Group safety culture that also endeavours to develop a pleasant and safe work environment at all the sites, along with an enhanced work-life balance.

We address our CSR through 3 different axis:

  • Serve the environment
  • People & society
  • Responsible business practices

Serve the environment

PCM Group strives to implement actions improving its daily activities in order to reduce its environmental impact and create sustainable products.

Serve the environment

People & society

One of our strengths is the diversity of our collaborators, with women and men coming from different nationalities working together and sharing the same objectives.

People & society

Responsible business practices

Integrity, fairness, transparency and responsibility are our four pillars of our business practices. Each year, we implement new processes for continuous improvement.

Responsible business practices

All our CSR actions