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Meat and fish pumps

The meat market is a fiercely battled market in terms of price and increasingly challenged by the arrival of similar products made from vegetable proteins.
Even if the per capita consumption of "cut" meat tends to decrease, the world population’s increase as well as the ready meals consumption’s rise (often containing meat) allows this market to maintain its activity and continue to innovate.

Activities and applications are numerous:

  • Meat transformation: from slaughter to cutting, including applications such as blood, fat and offal recovery…
  • Production of mechanically separated meat (MSM) intended for use in the manufacture of ready meals (Ravioli, lasagna, chicken nuggets, etc.)
  • Commercialization of liquid eggs by egg breakers industries

All these activities have adopted PCM meat and fish pumps technologies in their process in order to ensure food safety for handling microbiologically sensitive products.

  • Meat, fish, animal food

Market challenges

  • Respect of strict hygiene regulations
  • Respect of the texture of the products
  • Innovation and creation of new recipes for consumers
  • Improvement of the productivity and the overall cost of operation (LCC : Life Cycle Costs)

Why choose PCM meat and fish pumps?

  • Wide range of volumetric pumps technologies
  • An offer respecting food contact regulations : 1935/2004 and/or FDA
  • Hygienic designed pumps, 3A or EHEDG certified
  • Worldwide distribution network with immediate availability of spare parts

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