PCM Food

Filling systems

Filling systems allow the control of a clean and accurate dosage.

Filling refers to the act of filling or dosing into any type of container intended for the final consumer or for use in collective catering.

The implementation of innovative food products requires the availability of a high-performance filling solution that will fulfil with the complexity of mixtures, recipes and packaging techniques. Today, creativity in terms of containers and the diversity of textures to be packaged seems limitless. PCM filling systems are designed to provide the versatility and precision required for these critical operations.

PCM filling systems offer maximum volumetric versatility. You can fill containers of any shape and size, while varying the filling volume considerably from one cycle to the next. The same system can therefore be adapted to fill a wide variety of ingredients: from liquid flavours to the most viscous jams, from sticky caramels to sauces of various sizes.