PCM Food

Baked goods market: PCM pumps & equipment

The industrial bakery is a dynamic and a creative market which is constantly innovating and surfing on snacking recipes development. This dynamism generates a need to increase production lines and production rates.

PCM offers tailor-made systems to meet the needs of the industrial baking & pastry processes (transfer of premixes, liquid flavors injection, rolls filling , or viscous or sweet ingredients topping for pastries).


Application - Industrial bakery

  • Baked goods
  • Baked goods

Market challenges

  • Create new recipes with new ingredients (Snacking development trend)
  • Improve productivity and Life Cycle Cost
  • Search for flexibility and versatility of equipment
  • Guarantee good quality while respecting increasingly strict hygiene standards

Why choose PCM ?

  • Expertise and process engineering deliver custom-designed solutions that meet specific requirements
  • Ability to handle difficult products, in particular highly viscous fluids
  • Optimized production with highly accurate dosing and filling
  • Low Life Cycle Costs with reduced losses and production downtime
  • Hygienic design for Cleaning In Place (CIP)

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