PCM Food

Beverages: PCM pumps & equipment

Refreshing non-alcoholic, alcoholic, sparkling, flavored beverages, energizing or vitamins drinks, this market is dynamic and multiplies new recipes! There is a common point with all these recipes: liquid product transfer in large quantities generally uses centrifugal pump technology.

But when the application becomes more complex, for the transfer of fragile and viscous nectars for example, or when dosing a viscous ingredient (syrup) is necessary, PCM proves to be the ideal partner.


  • Beverage
  • Beverage

Market challenges

  • Maintain high volume and high production schedules
  • Ensure that end products meet consumer expectations for quality and constant taste
  • Flexibility to rapidly bring to market new products and meet new tastes

Why choose PCM ?

  • Transfer of "loaded" juice or nectar
  • Accurate dosing and injection systems
  • Dynamic mixers for heterogeneous ingredients or static mixers for simpler applications (flavored drinks)
  • Optimizing production by high dosing accuracy

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