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Dairy pumps & processing equipment

The offer of fresh dairy products is characterized by very rich and diverse consumer products. Manufacturers are constantly creating new recipes and new textures that are sometimes extremely subtle and complex to manufacture.

The smoothness of a cream cheese or cream dessert involves a know-how and an expertise of the production processes and thus the development of an adapted technology.

A « transformed », gelified, matured milk or cream are fragile and present some risks of shearing. The Moineau™ technology, designed and developed by PCM, is the most respectful technology guaranteeing the respect of the texture and the non-shearing of the product.

The good distribution of fruits pieces in stirred yoghurt requires a control of the dosage and a soft mixture technique, respectful of the ingredients fragility.

But these requirements do not simply focus on final product, but also on the process through the respect of strict food regulations, adapted and efficient cleaning in place processes, and optimized production rates.

PCM provides a wide innovative range of dairy processing equipments, adapted to industrial constraints. 

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Market challenges

The dairy industry can be a challenging market to operate in, due to a wide range of factors. These include:

  • Respect of strict hygiene regulations
  • Respect of the texture of the products
  • Innovation and creation of new recipes for consumers
  • Improvement of the productivity and the overall cost of operation (LCC : Life Cycle Costs)

Why choose PCM?

  • Wide range of volumetric pumps technologies
  • An offer that respects food contact regulations : 1935/2004 and/or FDA
  • Hygienic designed pumps, 3A or EHEDG certified
  • Worldwide distribution network with immediate availability of spare parts

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