PCM Food

Multi injection station

PCM multi-injection station is an equipment dedicated to the injection of flavours and other additives into small buns for food filling and preservation.

The PCM Multi-injection station has been designed specifically for the Bakery industry in order to improve the injection process of different kinds of additives (flavours, preservatives, dies, …) in small buns, croissants or other pastry products. To inject additives in a baked product is a complex task that requires a lot of know-how especially to make sure the injection will be done uniformly, the process will not be slowed down and the change of ingredients will be possible quickly and that hygiene will be preserved.

Arrangement of the food PCM multi-injection station

  • Dosing units
  • Distribution plate with needles
  • PCM multi-injection station


Cleanable in place

  • Cleaning in place system without need for disassembly


  • Needles distribution plate, with lift-and-lower system to suit different kinds of buns.


  • Four dosing units with 4 to 16 heads per unit with individual dose adjustment


(depending on the DOSYSTM pump used)

  • Pressure: 5 bars max
  • Speed: 60 strokes/max (if pump set at its maximum volume capacity)
  • Accuracy - Repeatability: +/- 0,5%
  • Speed up to 21 000 buns/hours
  • Particle sizes: 48 mm max

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