PCM Food

Animal food, fish & meat pumps

This market gathers varied activities and processes:

  • Meat transformation: from slaughter to cutting, including applications such as blood and offal recovery…
  • Animal food with for example pig feed preparation in industrial farms
  • Petfood manufacturing with different production processes according to the type of manufactured products : dry petfood or wet petfood
  • Production of mechanically separated meat 
  • Commercialization of liquid eggs by egg breakers industries

All these activities have adopted PCM pumps technology in their process in order to ensure food safety for handling microbiologically sensitive products.

    • Meat, fish, animal food
    • Meat, fish, animal food

    Market challenges

    • Respect of strict hygiene regulations
    • Respect of the texture of the products
    • Innovation and creation of new recipes for consumers
    • Improvement of the productivity and the overall cost of operation (LCC : Life Cycle Costs)

    Why choose PCM ?

    • Wide range of volumetric pumps technologies
    • An offer respecting food contact regulations : 1935/2004 and/or FDA
    • Hygienic designed pumps, 3A or EHEDG certified
    • Worldwide distribution network with immediate availability of spare parts

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