PCM Food

Moineau™ pump controlled by brushless motors for transfer and proportional dosage

System fundation

40HY6 and 05HY12 Moineau™ pumps with Brushless motors

Specific functions

  • Pumps mounted on frames with Brushless motors and variable speed drives in deported electrical cabinet, automaton and HMI
  • 1 pump for main transfer, 1 pump for proportional dosage
  • Manual start of the 2 pumps to transfer milk (40HY6) and to proportionally dose rennet (05HY12) (dosage of 100cc of rennet every 25 liters of milk)
  • Connection of the transfer pump to a CIP system and manual cleaning of the dosing pump


  • 40HY6 and 05HY12 Moineau™ Pumps with SEW Brushless motors (synchronic servomotor). Setting of the 05HY12 rotational speeds proportionally to the ones of the 40HY6 in order to get the desired proportional dosage
  • 1 stainless steel 50 liters hopper with cover
  • 2 pneumatic membrane valves for the milk/rennet injection point
  • Siemens 7’’ screen
  • SEW Speed variators

Possible variants

All the Moineau™ pumps range


  • Application: transfer milt to 25 liter trays after rennet injection
  • Challenge: To make sure to always have the same quantity of rennet in every milk tray, to produce quality cheese
  • Benefits: repeatability, continuous and proportional transfer, ease of use