PCM Food

Dosyfruit™ with double Dosys™ pumps

Specific function(s) of the fruit stationFruit station high pace

Single perfume fruit station with increased pace.

Implementation / Description

  • 1 DosyFruit™ module equipped with 2 DOSYS™ pumps working in a staggered mode to increase reachable maximal paces: possibility to feed 1 or 2 mixers downstream
  • 1 detection pot common to both pumps

Possible variants

All the DOSYS™ pumps range.


  • Application

  • Fruit dosage in a white mass under high pace.

  • Challenge

  • To propose a system which can ally the requirements of volumes to dose and paces to be respected

  • Benefits

  • Be able to dose a volume of fruit in a pace greater to the one that a single pump of superior size could support.