PCM Food

Dosyfruit™ & additive station 4 modules, with integrated weighing of the containers

PCM has designed a complex dosing system including a Dosyfruit dosing station combined with a 4 modules additive station for dosing simultaneously 4 different fruits and 4 different flavours in dairy products.

PCM Dosyfruit™ is the reference for the injection of fruits in dairy products, and this system is perfect for flavouring, seeding and coloring dairy products and other fluids.

The technology used in these dosing systems allows to obtain high quality products and enables the manufacturer to increase its production lines, the volume and profitability. 

Dosyfruit & additive station PCM 4 modules

System foundations

 4 x DosyFruit™ Premium + 4 x Additive Station

Specific functions

  • Possibility to dose (Fruits + Additives) or (Fruits only) or (Additives only) on each module
  • Weighing of the pressurized fruit containers for consumption control
  • Weighing of the additive containers for end detection

Implementation/ Description

  • 4 DosyFruit™ modules mounted onto 2 different frames (2x2)
  • 4 Additive Station modules mounted onto 2 different frames (2x2)
  • Scales for fruit containers (2 per module) and for additive containers (1 per module)
  • Additive Stations with double frame to isolate the scales from the Dosys™ pump vibrations
  • Additive Stations with special frame to be installed against a wall
  • Compliant with 3A standard
  • Compliant with UL standard

Possible variants

All the range of Dosys™ pumps



Totally automatic dosing of fruits and/ or aromas in a white mass for 4 possible different fruits and 4 different flavors.


Propose a System fully compliant with 3A & UL standards


Very high level of flexibility to mix fruits & aromas in a white mass with automatic detection of container ends