PCM Food

Dosyfruit™ 3 modules with integrated product arrival control

PCM has designed a PCM Dosyfruit™ 3 modules with integrated product arrival control for a fully automated dosing of 3 different fruits in dairy products.

PCM Dosyfruit™ is the reference for the injection of fruits into dairy products.

The technology used in this system for the dosing of ingredients provides the highest quality products and allows the manufacturer to increase its production lines, its volume and profitability. 

3 modules Dosyfruit™ station for dosing 3 different flavours in dairy

System fundations

3  DosyFruit™ Premium

Specific functions

  • Control of product circulation in each container arrival pipe
  • Cold water circuit dedicated to the Hydraulic Barrier of the DOSYS™ pumps
  • Hot water circuit dedicated to the cleaning of the arrival pipes and the complete installation
  • Utilities arrival (cold water, hot water, steam) centralized on 1 module
  • Enhanced chassis for ground piping


  • 3 DosyFruit™ modules connected each other for utilities flow
  • Product detection probes on each (2 x 3) container arrival cuff
  • UL and 3A construction type

Possible variants

 All the range of DOSYSTM pumps



Totally automatic dosing of fruits in a white mass for 3 possible different fruits


Propose a System with different cold water circuit and hot water circuit and fruit circulation detection in each container arrival cuff


Very high level of flexibility to mix fruits in a white mass with automatic detection of fruit circulation and container ends