PCM Food

Topping station

PCM topping station is ideal for accurate and careful dosing of various ingredients for topping.

PCM topping station allows an accurate dosing of liquid to viscous products with or without piecesused for the topping of baked food, pancakes, biscuits or other any material. The technology of the PCM topping station depends on the process to comply with: discontinuous topping will be supported by Dosys™ pumps while continuous process will see the use of MoineauTM Progressive Cavity pumps as metering pumps. Nozzles well adapted to the product to dose and distribute complete the mechanism that provides users with a totally automatic station entirely designed for consistency, reliability and accuracy. Furthermore, the PCM Topping station can be equipped with Cleaning in Place facilities, making sure that every start of production or change of ingredients will be done under the most stringent hygienic conditions.


  • Agitating hopper
  • Heating system
  • Dosys™ dosing pumps or Moineau™ progressive cavity pumps
  • Whole way nozzles or multi diaphragm nozzles (depending on the product to handle)
  • PCM topping station for sauces


  • Easy integration
  • Accuracy
  • Versatility
  • Quality of final product
  • Cleaning in place system

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