PCM Food

Sanitary dosing unit

PCM Dosing Unit industrial food processors are semi-automatic mono-ingredient dosing stations.

Specially designed for the dosing of heterogeneous ingredients (liquid and solid) for convenience food, bakery or dairy applications, the PCM Dosing Unit benefits from the very high level of accuracy of the DOSYSTM pump together with the flexibility of an autonomous station and the reliability of an automatized process. Well adapted to the dosage of viscous and heterogeneous ingredients, the PCM Dosing Unit brings to its users a high level of repeatability and the possibility to move from totally manual operations to safer and quicker automatic ones.

Risks of errors are minimized with the possibility to store different recipes with pre-define quantities of ingredients to dose and, for automatic processes, with programmed paces of production.

  • Semi-automatic mono-ingredient dosing station PCM Dosing Unit

Benefits of the Dosing Unit

  • Removable ingredients preloading tank
  • Several programmable recipes
  • Product end detection
  • Baseframe on feet or casters
  • Pneumatic or brushless motorisation

Performances of the Dosing Unit

(Depending on the DosysTM pump type)

  • Pressure : 20 bars max
  • Speed: 40 strokes/max (if pump set at its maximum volume capacity)
  • Repeatability  : +/- 0.5%
  • Particles size : 48 mm max

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