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Inline injection system- PCM Dosyfruit™

PCM’s Dosyfruit™ pumps offer an original fruit injection system for use in the food industry, designed particularly for use with Just In Time ingredients.

Our Dosyfruit™ systems are intended for the injection of fruit into fresh dairy products, to replace wasteful dosing with highly accurate and efficient inline injection, by adding the right amount of ingredients at the last possible point in the production process. This method of fruit injection ensures that all ingredients are measured accurately, for products that are of the highest quality, and that less will be lost during changeovers, purging and cleaning. It also enables manufacturers to increase product lines, volumes produced and profitability.

All benefits of our Dosyfruit™ stations are provided in total respect of the most stringent hygienic rules, allowing very efficient and productive Cleaning and Sterilization In Place (CIP / SIP) of the entire installation.    

  • PCM Dosyfruit™ station


Choose our fruit pump and enjoy a number of advantages, including:

Reduced product waste 

  • Through the careful handling of ingredients, we guarantee that fruit wastage will be three times less than other systems

Increased productivity

  • Empty container detection means no ingredients are left in the tank
  • Automatic changeover
  • Synchronised fruit injection


  • Ingredients are metered with precision


  • 100% repeatability and reliability


  • Fruit injection pumps can handle liquids, semi-solids and viscous products

Life Cycle Costs approach

  • Overall life cycle costs are reduced, thanks to this approach

Easy cleaning

  • Dosyfruit™ pumps can be cleaned in place without the need for dismantling or complicated bypass systems


Reduce product waste and increase profitability with PCM’s fruit injection pumps. Features include (depending on the DOSYSTM pump used):

  • Dosing repeatability/accuracy: +/- 0.5%
  • Maximum production rate: 40 cycles/min (if pump set at its maximum volume capacity)
  • Maximum capacity/cycles: 2 600 cc
  • Maximum pressure: 20 bars
  • Flavor management: 6 max (12 containers)
  • Same ingredient switch time is instantaneous
  • Different ingredient switch time is as low as 2 cycles

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