PCM Food

Hopper station - Fruit injection pumps

PCM Hopper station is an ideal equipment for new fruit injection users and small production facilities.

PCM Hopper station is perfect for accurate dosing of valuable concentrated flavour. With integrated preloading tanks equipped with product end detection probes and very accurate and reliable DOSYSTM pumps, PCM Hopper station is specially designed to support the production of food preparations requiring accurate dosage under hygienic constraints possibly asking for complete Cleaning and Sterilization In Place (CIP / SIP).


  • Cleaning In Place hopper with cover provided with level probe
  • Cleaning In Place flow plate
  • 2 Dosys™ pumps
  • Utility  connections
  • Control cabinet
  • PCM hopper station - equipment for new fruit injection


Cost efficient

Ergonomics and production safety

  • Cleanable in place hopper including level probe


  • Semi-auto or manual operation
  • High suction capability for viscous preparation

Ready to us

  • Easy installation and fast start up
  • Utility connections and control cabinet
  • Regulation via flow meter or conditioning pulse

Dosys™ pump technology


(Depending on the DosysTM pump type)

  • Pressure: 20 bars max
  • Speed: 40 strokes/max (if pump set at its maximum volume capacity)
  • Repeatability / Accuracy: +/-0.5%
  • Particle sizes: 48 mm max

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