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PCM IVA-LVA-GVA hopper progressive cavity pumps

The growing demand for more concentrated and sophisticated products often implies an increase in the viscosity of the products being transferred. If your product is viscous, pasty, sticky, greasy, thick, or concentrated, PCM provides an appropriate solution for each type of rheology through its range of force feeding progressing cavity pumps – IVA-LVA-GVA Series.

IVA/LVA/GVA pumps are fitted with a feeder hopper and a conveyor screw. The open-throat design allows the fluid to flow in without restriction while the screw feeds the materials into the rotor/stator. The IVA/LVA pumps are ideal for viscous and heterogeneous fluids pumping. The GVA pumps allow to transfer very viscous, sticky and heterogeneous products. 


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  • IVA-LVA feeding progressing cavity pump
  • IVA-LVA feeding pump on site
  • GVA feeding progressing cavity pump
  • GVA feeding pump on site

Benefits of IVA/LVA/GVA feeding pumps


  • Transfers high viscosity, non-homogeneous and pasty products
  • Small investment, low power consumption
  • Compact solution for simplified integration


  • Transfers very viscous products
  • Accomodates non-homogeneous products containing pasty and even sticky pieces
  • Improved circulation of the fluid thanks to the hopper’s shape

Performances of IVA/LVA/GVA feeding pumps


  • Maximum flow: from 10 l/h to 50m³/h
  • Maximum pressure: 52 bar
  • Hopper: 72 x 156 to 590 x590 mm
  •  Accessories : built-in or remote frequency variator, dry running protection, safety pressure switch
  • Option : drain plug that enables total drainage, polished finish (LVA option only), stainless steel base, hopper from 76 x 161 mm to 440 x 400 mm


  • Maximum flow: 28m³/h
  • Maximum pressure: 24 bar
  • Hopper: length 500, 1000 and 1500  mm
  •  Accessories : built-in or remote frequency variator, dry running protection, saftey pressure switch
  • Options : drain plug that enables total drainage, grease sealing, special finish (polished, glass blasted,…), anti-bridging device built into the hopper that provides for better feeding of the feed screw by eliminating the possibility of clogging, flow management with level control module in the hopper, double jacket to maintain the product’s temperature, built-in cleaning in place.

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