PCM Food

DL & DSC Series hose pumps for food

With various pump constructions and a wide choice of elastomer hoses, the PCM Delasco™ range allows to cover a wide variety of applications calling for heavy duty and flexibility.

The DL-DSC Series with reinforced hose is designed for medium pressure applications with the most abrasive, fragile and corrosive fluids.

Specially designed for the food industry, a new food grade hose is available for PCM Delasco™ DL-DSC Series. The part in contact with the fluid is white. Engineered for high pressure applications, it can be Cleaned In Place and complies with CE 1935/2004 and FDA 21 CFR177.2600.

With an outstanding mechanical resistance, it provides superior hose life compared with standard nitrile and brings performances, food safety compliance and low life cycle costs together.

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PCM Delasco™ (p.32)
  • Delasco™ peristaltic pump – DL Series
  • Delasco™ peristaltic pump – DL Series cut away view
  • Delasco™ peristaltic pump –DSC Series – on customer site

Benefits of the DL-DSC food peristaltic pump

  • Increased hose life thanks to the hose guide design
  • Various hose materials available
  • Low cost and easy to maintain
  • Only one component on the pump - the hose - is in contact with the product

Performances of the DL-DSC food peristaltic pump

  • Minimum flow rate: 44 l/h (DL Series) / 3.1 m3/h (DSC Series)
  • Maximum flow rate: 20m3/h (DL Series) / 65 m3/h (DSC Series)
  • Maximum pressure: 15 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 80°c
  • Self-priming: 9mCE
  • Density higher than 2
  • Maximum viscosity: 40 000 cP

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