PCM Industry

PCM X-Guard inline grinder

The new inline PCM X-Guard grinder allows to shred solid waste contained in fluids before they damage your process equipment.

The PCM X-Guard in-line grinder reduces the size of solids in wastewater or other, in fine particulate fluids. It crushes and shreds rags, pieces of wood, plastics, or other solid or semi-solid parts that could clog valves, damage pumps, or other downstream processing equipment.

Its cartridge cutter system, extremely robust and delivering high torque at low rotational speeds, is ideal for improving the performance of treatment and dewatering equipment for sludge or highly charged fluids.

  • PCM X-Guard grinder
  • PCM X-Guard grinder - cut away view

Advantages of PCM X-Guard grinder


  • Robust technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Multi-brand engine assembly


  • Protection of downstream equipment
  • Pre-conditioning of the media
  • Low impact on hydraulics

Performances of PCM X-Guard grinder

  • Solids reduction to 5-6mm
  • Maximum flow of 234 m3 / h

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