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PCM Delasco™ Z Series low pressure peristaltic pumps

The low-pressure peristaltic pump that reduces your maintenance costs.

The peristaltic pumps of the PCM Delasco™ range stand out for their ability to meet a multitude of applications thanks to their various configurations and the variety of elastomeric tubes available, thus offering great versatility and ease of use.

In these peristaltic pumps, only the tube meets the pumped fluid, making the PCM Delasco™ Z pump an ideal solution for the transfer of various fluids.

Particularly suitable for pumping highly acidic or alkaline products, the peristaltic pump overcomes the risk of damage to castings or other metal components, which are often vulnerable to abrasion.

In addition, the transfer through the tube is done without stirring or stirring the product, a crucial feature for the pumping of fragile products or emulsions such as latex.

The PCM Delasco™ Z series of peristaltic pumps are specifically designed for low-pressure applications. Its Total Cost of Ownership (Life Cycle Cost) is optimized at each phase of the pump's life cycle, encompassing operation and maintenance.

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  • Picture of the PCM Delasco™ Z peristaltic pump
  • Schema of the PCM Delasco™ Z construction



  • Only one wear part: the tube
  • The only regular maintenance operation is lubrication
  • The tube can be changed without disassembling the pump


  • Low-flow fluid dosing and transfer
  • Ideal for pumping corrosive, abrasive and brittle fluids
  • Dry running possible without damaging the pump
  • Wide range of tubes to suit all applications


  • Reduced maintenance costs and time
  • Reduced energy consumption


  • Pump adaptable to trolley to be moved if needed
  • Tube Break Detector: Delivers a dry contact that shuts down the pump in the event of a tube break
  • Built-in or remote frequency inverter available on pedestal or trolley
  • Discontactor/inverter and connector available on pedestal or trolley


  • Density: 1.8 maximum
  • Minimum flow rate: 40 l/h
  • Maximum flow rate: 20 m3/h
  • Maximum pressure: 2 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 120°C
  • Self-priming: 5mCE
  • Maximum viscosity: 15,000 cPo
  • Concentration: up to 60%
  • Permissible particle size: 1/3 of the inner diameter of the tube

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