PCM Industry

Chemical dosing skid - PCM Chemskid

Only available for UK market

The Chemskid is a superior chemical dosing skid, designed for the safe measurement of chemical reagents.

This pump skid is a skid unit designed for the safe and effective dosing of chemical reagents. The pump is safely installed within a secure cabinet and features safety systems of the highest quality, allowing you to expertly monitor the dosing process.

Some of the features of our dosing skid include:

  • Compact plug and play
  • Standardized construction
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Maximum operator safety, as the unit is splash proof

Pump skid equipment

The pump skid is securely installed in a cabinet, with:

  • One or two diaphragm dosing pumps (with or without standby pump)
  • Integrated monitoring and safety systems
  • A wide range of options, including pressure switch, priming pump, calibration pot, and pressure gauges

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  • PCM Chemskid dosing system
  • PCM Chemskid dosing system - opened view


This pump skid has a number of advantages which give it an edge in industry.

  • Continuity of service
  • Safe operation
  • Reliable process
  • One stop shop
  • Low Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
  • Simplified maintenance


  • Pressure: 12 bars
  • Flowrate: from 0.5 l/h to 350 l/h per pumphead
  • Speed: 48 and 120 strokes/min
  • Accuracy: +/-1%