PCM Industry

Consulting and training

With over 80 years of experience in pumping solutions, PCM offers a wide range of consulting and knowledge transfer services.

Consulting & training

Extended warranty: the manufacturer’s commitment!

The extended warranty ensures:

  • An extension of the manufacturer’s guarantee in accordance with Article 15 of our General Conditions of Sale
  • The best solution for cases of delayed installation or commissioning
  • Peace of mind at a reasonable cost

Our extensive service includes:

  • An extension of the general guarantee conditions for a period of one to four years according to your requirements.

Training: acquire knowledge from experts.

In order to support and train the professional handling of our products and systems, we can arrange training sessions either on customer site or PCM site.

The use of the achieved knowledge enables the participants to the training to maintain the value of the pump or the system to minimize the consequential costs for maintenance or service even more. 


The Life cycle costs audit will:

  • Optimize your pump usage by reducing costs related to inefficiency
  • Rationalize your stock of spare parts
  • Control your overall costs

Our extensive service includes:

  • A complete inspection of your facilities
  • Analysis of your spare parts consumption
  • Detailed report and manufacturer's recommendations to help you optimize your costs.


  • To be efficient, the LCC audit must be planned 2 weeks in advance
  • Necessary presence of Spare parts store Manager, Maintenance Manager and Production Manager
  • Standard working period : 1 day

Chemical compatibility, abrasivity & viscosity testing

To ensure the performance and lifespan of a pump or pump system, it is vital that it is engineered to meet the needs of the materials being handled. That is why we provide a wide offer of testing.

  • Chemical compatibility testing: Benefit from PCM’s expertise in elastomers.
  • Viscosity testing: Ensure optimal pump operations.
  • Abrasiveness testing: Find the best materials for your abrasive fluids.

Parts expertise

What will PCM's parts expertise deliver to you ?

  • Full investigation of the reasons for premature wear or deterioration (cavitation, dry running, excess pressure, ...)
  • Clear recommendations enabling you to rectify these deficiencies (for example, installating safety accessories, modifying pipework, providing an installation audit, ...)
  • Determining maintenance intervalls by analysing wear as welle as the number of hours the pump is in use per day.

Our extensive service includes:

  • Full inspection of the dimensions of the parts
  • A "process" approach which makes it possible to evaluate the part, in the context of its installation and use.
  • Delivery of a detailed report containing findings, full analysis with photos (if required), and our expert recommendations.