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Moineau™ Archimedes' screw pump - PCM X-BIO

Discover the progressive cavity pump (PCP) with hopper and force-feeding screw specially designed to the production of Biogas.

Based on Moineau™ technology, the PCM X-BIO screw pump simplifies the transfer and dosing of your thick fluids, whether they are:

  • Very viscous
  • Pasty
  • High dry matter content (even above 50%)
  • Containing solids with larger or smaller pieces

The simple, robust and efficient pump’s design allows to perfectly adapt your process and combine a high level of productivity while maintaining its consistency and profitability, granting you to perfectly control your operational costs.

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  • Picture of the biogas feeding hopper pump PCM X-BIO
  • Schema of the construction of the biogas feeding hopper pump PCM X-BIO


  • Extreme performance up to 120 m3/h: capable of transferring products up to 800,000 cPo and up to 50% dry matter
  • A progressive cavity pump that easily adapts to your process
  • A vertical-walled hopper to prevent arching
  • Customizable access hatches on each side of the hopper (number and positions)
  • Longer lifespan thanks to a Hardox Archimedean screw, chrome-plated rotor and a wide selection of PCM elastomers


  • High-performance elastomer stator developed by PCM
  • 250 μ chrome-plated steel rotor with re-chrome plating capability
  • Universal U-type connection
  • Digestate injection flanges on each side of the feeding barrel
  • 304L stainless steel hopper
  • 2 inspection hatches on each side of the hopper
  • Hardox Archimedes' Screw
  • Teflon cable gland with lubrication or mechanical seal
  • Bearing or integrated bearing mounting

Technical performances

  • Flow rate: up to 120 m3/h / 528 US GPM
  • Pression: 12 bar maximum
  • Viscosity: up to 800,000 cPo
  • Solids content: over 50%
  • Particle size: 30 mm

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