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Pulp and paper pumps

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No industry is as demanding as paper and pulp manufacturing when it comes to reliability and cost efficiency. The majority of production facilities operate non-stop, and any downtime can be costly. Additionally, paper plants use vast quantities of water, which must be managed and treated in accordance with strict regulations. That's why PCM produce hard-wearing paper and pulp pumps - the ideal choice for smooth productivity.

PCM volumetric pumps, with their very high level of reliability and efficiency, are the best-in-class solutions to cope with stock and starch preparation, paper coating and sludge treatment. All these processes require equipment that resists to both very abrasive products and corrosive ones, and that may require high suction capabilities, gentle handling and chemical compatibility.

When you need a single source to reduce the Life Cycle Cost of your pumping equipment, PCM is the partner of choice, from components to pumps, including services and expertise.

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  • PCM pumping systems for fluids transfer and dosing in paper industries

Markets Challenges

  • Productivity and life cycle costs improvement
  • Avoiding costly downtime
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Respect product integrity
  • Minimising water consumption

Why choose PCM ?

  • Polyvalent range of positive displacement pumps
  • Wide range of home made elastomers
  • Spare parts availability and global presence
  • Modular offer of pumps and systems
  • Pump commissioning and after-sales services

ISO 14001 and Eco-Design