New energies market

PDPs for the new energies market

The choice of sustainability

To meet their promises of sustainability, the new energies market must combine environmental responsibility with real-word economics. Industrial processes require pump systems capable of handling a wide range of fluids and solids accurately and reliably, while keeping costs under control.

PCM volumetric pumps, with their wide range of materials and options, perfectly meet these miscellaneous demanding processes. Because they can transfer products without shear and offer resistance to the aggressive chemical and mechanical constraints and have the capability to pump fluids with large solid contents, they are very efficient solutions for biomass treatment, biofuel preparation, flue gas desulfurization or coal water mixtures.

  • PCM volumetric pumps for new energies treatment
  • PCM volumetric pumps for new energies treatment

Markets Challenges

  • Materials compatibility
  • Cost efficient technology
  • High viscosity

Why choose PCM ?

  • Polyvalent range of positive displacement pumps
  • Wide range of home made elastomers
  • After sales  services and global presence
  • Modular offer of pumps and Plug and Play systems
  • Low Life Cycle Costs
  • ATEX certified
  • Unique enhanced maintenance features

ISO14001 and Eco-Design