Chemicals market

Chemical pumps

The choice of compatibility and versatility

Product compatibility and versatility are what the chemical industry looks for in pumps. Manufacturers of specialty chemicals in particular, require pumps capable of handling fluids with fragile composition and complex rheology. That’s where PCM, one of the world’s leading chemical pumps manufacturers, comes in.

PCM offers pumping and metering solutions for the chemical industries where safety is the primary concern. Users are not only looking for an efficient and cost effective equipment, they also need to be convinced that in case of failure any potential leakage will be contained and that the pump will be easy to operate and maintain.

There is no industry more diversified than the chemicals industry, where aggressive acids, highly flammable or explosive products, require material compatibility and thermal control. PCM equipment is designed to perfectly meet these high-level requirements.

  • PCM pumps and systems for chemicals transfer and dosing
  • PCM pumping systems for corrosive and fragile fluids in chemicals industry

Market Challenges

If you’re in the chemical industry, you’ll know that there are a number of challenges facing your sector. These include:

  • Cost effectiveness and performance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Viscous products handling
  • Multi purpose solutions
  • Explosive atmospheres
  • Environmental pressures
  • Dosing accuracy

Why choose PCM ?

If you’re looking for a chemical dosing pump that will meet the specific needs of your applications and ingredients, then look no further than PCM. Here are some of the reasons for choosing us as your chemical pumps manufacturer:

  • Viscous and corrosive product handling
  • Develop and make our own elastomers
  • Wide range of PCPs
  • Atex pumps
  • Modular offer of pumps and services
  • Full range of maintenance and after-sales services