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Lime dosing systems - PCM Limeskid

Only available for UK market

The Limeskid is the ideal system for the dosing, metering and injection of lime milk.

The Limeskid is designed to be the perfect piece of lime dosing equipment: it is easy to maintain, offers a cost saving alternative to tedious on-site installations and ensures high-quality and safe operations. In addition, this metering skid is mounted on a secure frame and features a variety of options.

Top features include:

  • Compact plug and play unit
  • Standardized construction
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Eliminated risk of clogging


The unit is mounted on a frame, with:

  • An injection pump as well as a standby pump (Moineau or Delasco)
  • Integrated monitoring and safety systems,
  • A wide range of options, including pressure switch, flow-meter, pressure gauges
  • Control panel, which can be used to manage all items including storing and feeding lime, as well as preparing and injecting lime milk

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  • Picture of the PCM lime skid milk dosing skid


The Limeskid is quick to install, and has a number of great advantages that make it ideal for lime dosing.

These include:

  • Limeskid is simple to integrate with existing systems
  • Continuity of service
  • Safe operation
  • Flexible operation
  • User-friendliness


  • Pressure: 8 bars
  • Flowrate: from 20 l/h to 14 m3/h