PCM Industry

PCM EcoMoineau™ LX - lithium progressing cavity pump

The new EcoMoineau™ LX PCM pump for the lithium battery manufacturing process.

The EcoMoineau™ LX pump, built with Moineau™ technology, is designed for lithium transfer and dosing in the lithium battery manufacturing process. Its revolutionary design combines the performances and exceptional reliability of progressive cavity pump technology.

In addition, the EcoMoineau™ LX requires less space for installation, reducing costs and making it easier to integrate into your system (or process). This new stainless steel pump has many design features that make it easier to install, operate and maintain than ever before!

PCM pumps are therefore perfectly suited for the transfer of viscous and fragile fluids and fully respect the quality and characteristics of the fluid. Our pumps produce very low shear and operate without pulsation. They are suitable for a wide range of processes, especially those requiring consistency and precision, such as dosing and coating of lithium solutions.

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  • Picture of the PCM EcoMoineau™ LX progressive cavity pump
  • Picture of the PCM EcoMoineau™ LX cutaway progressive cavity pump

Advantages of PCM EcoMoineau™ LX

Respect for the product

  • Moineau™ technology respects the texture and the properties of your product with materials adapted to its chemical characteristics.
  • Absence of sheaths, grease and oil in the pump ensures that the product properties are respected.
  • Total absence of wear parts in the Duraflex flexible rod prevents any risk of metal particles being released into the product (copper, zinc, nickel...)

Easy to use

  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Different flanges are available, making it easy to integrate the EcoMoineau™ LX into your process

Eco-designed pump

  • Energy consumption reduced by 10%.
  • The EcoMoineau ™ LX pump is lighter (less raw materials) and consumes 10% less energy compared to the previous generation. Its manufacture, transport and operation require less energy.

Performances of PCM EcoMoineau™ LX

  • Flow rate: 3l/h to 240m3/h
  • Pressure: 24bar
  • Temperature: up to 90°C
  • Particle size up to 40mm