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Waste rock disposal facility review with PCM pumps


A major manufacturer of sodium carbonates and bicarbonates must review its waste rock disposal facility following the extension of its salt extraction zone. The new discharge zone is now more than 6 km away from the storage tanks and requires a pumping system capable of controlling more than 290 psi of pressure due to pressure drop in the pipes and the viscosity of the sludge discharged.


PCM Solution:

PCM offers a 5-stage Moineau™ pump, capable of delivering a flow rate of 352 gpm at a pressure of 435 psi equipped with a cast iron body, a 316L stainless steel rotor with a 100μm chrome coating, a synthetic polyisoprene stator resistant to high abrasiveness and a double mechanical seal lubricated with glycol in order to withstand strong possible heating. This pump runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and cannot afford long period of downtime. The customer also has an identical emergency pump and all first emergency spare parts necessary for the rapid restoration of its pump.


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